Wallpapering 101

I’m going to share with you my first experience of hanging wallpaper. Moving to a new place was an opportunity for me to redecorate and learn something new. I always wanted to install a wallpaper, but never had the chance or guts to do it. Since my new place’s wall was not newly painted and had lots of nail holes.. I thought, why not covering them with wallpaper, while at the same time adding new décor to the house. I went online and to multiple stores before decided on purchasing these two vinyl wallpapers from Rona. I chose these for two simple reasons: pre-pasted for an easy install and textured which is perfect for covering holes/non-smooth wall. Each roll costs me $29.99 and covers about 56 sq ft (plenty for my purpose of covering only a few walls/creating a display wall).

  • Left image – Bluemountain Brown Wood wallpaper
  • Right image – Bluemountain Brick Effect wallpaper

I heard that hanging wallpaper is a two-people job, but I was able to do it by myself since I was only doing a few small areas. No matter what, you must have the right tools for a smoother installation process. Here are some basic tools you will need:

  1. Wallpaper plastic scrapper (a must! To help sticking, smoothing, removing bubbles – it costs less that $5)
  2. Scissors
  3. Metal scrapper (You can probable get away without it, but it definitely help me with corner and guide cutting the excess paper)
  4. Exacto knife (Make sure to always start with a new blade to neatly cut the excess paper and avoid tearing)
  5. Water bottle spray (I sprayed water to the pre-pasted backing, instead of soaking the rolled wallpaper in water)
  6. Ruler or measure tape
  7. Step ladder

Here are the results!

Main foyer – wood wallpaper


Powder room – brick effect wallpaper




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