Succulents Love

First time I heard of “succulent” 🌵was when my coworker took me plant shopping to decorate her new office desk. She just occupied a new corner desk and would like to get an office plant to brighten up her work area. She decided to buy a Jade plant, since it is pretty easy to maintain, all you need is water, some love, and sunlight. And that’s how I learned about Succulents! Jade plant (Crassula) is a type of succulent and a very popular houseplant – it’s also known as a friendship tree, money tree and lucky plant. I bought my Jade plant from IKEA Vaughan for $9.99 and three other mini succulents for $3.99 each.

Jade plant (Crassula) $9.99 each at IKEA


Succulent plants (Haworthia Pumila, Echeveria Lilacina, Echeveria Peacokii) $3.99 each at IKEA


The IKEA plants come with a basic instruction sticker on how to care for them.

Since this is my first time caring for succulents indoor,  I’ve done some researches and reading gardening tips/tricks online. Here are my compilation of the basic care treatments for my succulents:

  1. Light – succulents love lots of light and will thrive in a sunny, dry, and cool weather.
  2. Water – only water the succulents when the top soils are becoming dry to touch. Although succulents enjoy enough water, excessive water will cause rot problems.
  3. Soil – coarse, dry, and airy soil. Succulents are just like us, they hate wet socks! It’s important to have a well draining soil – this can be done by mixing perlite and sands to your regular gardening soil.
  4. Pot – while it’s possible to grow succulents in pots without drainage, it is recommended to choose a pot with drainage holes to decrease the plants’ risk of disease and death. Gravels can also be added to the bottom of the container to help increase drainage.
  5. Love – just like anything else, your love and care will keep your succulents alive :)

I hope you enjoy my post and photos! Happy succulents and happy Spring! 🌷


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