It’s Caramel Popcorn kinda day

I love making caramel popcorn! It’s easy and your house will smell so nice with caramel and vanilla in the air. I always use this caramel recipe I found on All Recipes. Making caramel popcorn is simple, you can see the main ingredients below:

  • First step is to pop your popcorn and have them ready on a sheet pan. I like use the pop up bowl Orville buttery popcorn. It only takes a quick 2 minutes and 15 seconds in the microwave.
  • Second step is to make your caramel sauce. Please follow the cooking methods from all recipes website. It only takes about 10 minutes when you have all the ingredients ready.
  • Lastly, drizzle your caramel sauce all over your popcorn. Coat them well, bake in the oven at low 250•F oven, stir and flip them every 15 minutes for one hour.
  • Baking the popcorn will slowly set the caramel coating and make your popcorn nice and crunchy. If you under-bake them, your end products will be soggy and stickier.


May I have some buttery popcorn pleaaase?

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