“One” Cake Topper Tutorial

A few birthdays are coming up. My friend’s baby, Isabelle, is turning one in a few weeks and my fur baby, Truffle, is turning three in May. I was planning on ordering a cake topper from Etsy, but with the short time frame, I’m afraid it won’t get delivered in time for Isabelle’s birthday. I decided to make a DIY cake topper and went to Michael’s to buy some glitter paper. I found this Recollection gold glitter paper for $3.49 per sheet. The paper came in a clear plastic wrapping with a thin card board liner. The glitter paper itself is not that thick, so I used and glued the card board liner with the glitter paper to strengthen the cake topper structure.

Gold glitter paper, $3.49 per sheet at Michael’s

To make the cake topper, you will need the following tools (I feel the glue gun is very crucial and also help provide a strong structure).

  • Glue gun, scissors, cutting mat, x-acto knife,  pen or marker and regular printing paper to trace the template from computer screen (optional).


See below for the step-by-step to make the cake topper:

  • Font – I used Angeline Vintage font from 1001 free fonts website. You can either download the font or just simply use the “custom preview” section directly on the website.
Download your font at 1001freefonts.com
  • TemplatePrint your letter template. If you don’t own a printer at home like me, you can trace the letters straight from the computer screen. I used regular printing paper and then transfer it to a thicker card stock paper. You can by pass this step if you can print straight to a thicker paper.
Don’t have a printer, no problem! Trace your template directly from your computer screen
Transfer and trace your paper template to a thicker card stock paper. Cut out your card stock template – this will be part of your final cake topper.
  • Glitter Paper – Glue your card stock template to the glitter paper. Make sure to glue the top part down (reverse). Use scissor and x-acto knife to cut out the glitter paper to match the template.
Glue your card stock template (top side down) to the back of glitter paper. Using a glue gun will provide a stronger structure and dry out faster.
  • You can then use a glue gun to attach the cake topper onto wooden dowels, ice cream sticks, skewers, or paper straws.


Using a glue gun, attach wooden dowels at the back of the cake topper. You can also use paper straws, ice cream stick or attach ribbons for hanging.

After a few hours of tracing, cutting, and gluing… I’ve made 6 cake toppers from one sheet of glitter paper ($3.49). I think I’ve got all birthdays covered for this year ;)

My cake topper collection for this year’s birthdays and the next two for Isabelle!



While I was browsing at Michael’s store, I also found these paper bows ($1.50 for a set of 6) which I will use for a cupcake topper. You can use glue to attach the bow into a toothpick.


Paper bows bought at Michael’s store, $1.50 each package for a set of 6 bows.


Using a glue gun, attach toothpicks at the back of the paper bows. These will look great as cupcake topper.

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