Quilting for Beginner using Jelly Roll

Since I’ve started sewing over a year ago, I have been wanting to quilt but have always been intimidated by the patterns. When I saw this tutorial from V and Co. website, I decided to give quilting a try. I purchased my Jelly Roll from Etsy, but you can find a similar one from Fabric.com or Amazon. Jelly Roll is a set of 2.5″ pre-cut fabric strips – It is a great time saver for many quilters and perfect for a beginner like me. With the fabric already cut and coordinated, all I’ve left to do is sew together the strips into a fantastic quilt top.

True Luck collection by Moda. One Jelly Roll comes with 40 strips (each measures 2.5” x 44”).

I Jelly Roll will make 2 baby quilts. Each quilt measures around 36″ x 36″
I followed this free Jelly Roll Jam Quilt pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop website.  Make sure to check out their blog for other free quilting patterns.

Download your free pattern in PDF from Fat Quarter Shop website.

Let’s sew along…

  1. As instructed in the pattern, I assembled six strips into one long strip unit.
    Sew each strip using ¼” seams allowance, the final unit will measure 12 ½” x 42″
  2. Cut the 3 sets into 18 rectangles.
  3. Sew together every 2 rectangles to make 9 squares
  4. Sew together every 3 squares into 1 row. Make 3 rectangular rows.
  5. Sew together each row into 1 square. This will be your final top quilt before attaching it to the batting. 

Quilt Batting
Batting is the soft layer between the quilt top and the backing. It gives the quilt dimension and definition as well as offering warmth. Because it comes in various thicknesses, it can make a quilt flat or puffy, stiff or drapable. Most quilt batting can be described as cotton or polyester, and you can you can buy it prepackaged, in standard sizes for crib, twin, full, queen and king size quilts. I bought mine online at Amazon and chose a Light Polyester Batting in baby crib size. I chose a light batting because I want my quilt to be drapery and will backed it with a soft minky fabric.

I used adhesive spray to attach the batting to stick to the top quilt, then I stitched straight lines about 1/4″ apart. To attach the minky backing, lay out the minky fabric with the fuzzy side UP. Then lay the top quilt (already stitched with the batting) with the print side DOWN. Stitch all around the blanket and leave a 2-3 inch opening.

I like my blanket with rounded corners. I used a wine glass (or a bowl) to trace the arc on four corners and stitch them.

Flip the blanket through the 2-3 inch opening you left. Top stitch around the edge of the blanket at 1/4 inch seam. I also add a label for baby Madison at the bottom right corner.

Here is a full look of the top quilt. I really love the color and soft fabric from Moda True Luck collection. I hope baby Madison loves the blanket and finds it cozy!


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