Cake Smash Photo Shoot with Baby Isabelle

I love seeing those cute cake smash photos on Pinterest! When my friend’s baby girl turned one, I was so excited to plan a cake-smash photo session for Isabelle’s first birthday. Doing your own cake smash at home is not hard, but you will need some preparations:

  1. Cake
    You can easily bake your own cake from a cake mix and bought a ready-to-use icing. To add a touch on the cake, I made my own cake topper, which you can find the tutorial on my previous post.
    Betty Crocker cake mix and whipped icing
    Using a star tip to pipe out the rosette icing

  2. Backdrop
    Simple plain white wall is actually the best backdrop for any photos. I purchased a white shower curtain from Dollarama and used it to cover the carpet. If you can find a seamless paper backdrop, it will provide a cleaner background and save you time, as there weren’t wrinkles and folds to editing out!
    Truffle, my camera assistant of the day 🐶
    Using table cloth and white shower curtain as backdrop and to cover the carpet
  3. Photo props
    Get a few balloons, tissue paper, ribbons.. and there! you have a birthday festive :) Be creative and have a theme for your baby’s first birthday photo. The theme doesn’t have to be an elaborated one. It can be as simple as picking up colours. My friend loves the soft tone colour of mint green, pink and elegant gold!
    Wrap a dollar store party hat with pretty mint green wrapping paper
  4. Camera
    I don’t have an expensive camera and actually use my iPhone a lot to take photos for my blog. With good lighting, you can take beautiful photos from your iPhone camera. These days, you can also find a lot of photo editing apps that will turn your boring dull photos into something magazine like.
  5. Good Natural Lighting
    Mornings and evenings offer the softest light and these tend to be the best times to shoot. I scheduled the cake smash photo shoot in the morning indoor. Good thing, my friend’s house has large windows with lots of good lighting coming in.
  6. A soon-to-be one-year-old
    A cake smash photo shoot means nothing if you don’t have a happy cheeky baby to shoot for.

Isabelle was excited to celebrate her first big birthday…. and many more to come! Happy 1st Birthday, Isabelle :)


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